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Join the Strip Club!  lol 

(BLAME LIZ for this!) 

 Yep.   Liz talked Sally into selling some of her yummy strips off her studio wall. 

These originally started out as scrap created in the process of pre-washing fabrics.   But they were so beautiful in texture and color, they just couldn't go to waste! 

Mr. Sally now has the job of making extra strips that are going into projects! 

Do you want to make one of our projects that feature the funky, fun, gnarly look of the serger strips - but you have no serger?  We can help!   lol 

That's Sally's personal Yeti with a Scrapbuster Mug Jacket on.  
She gets crazy amounts of compliments on it.
Fun item - get the Yeti on Amazon & fill with other goodies as a gift.
Lots of colors of Yeti mugs... check out our link above.
The Mug Jacket was done in the Assorted Brights.

Each strip is:
•  made from quality quilt fabric
•  approx 22" long (width of fabric cut)
•  2 layers thick
•  serged with assorted colors of threads
•  approx 5 strips cover a 2" width

Color Choices:

• Tula Pink Brights 
• Solid Brights 

By ordering multiples of this item, you will receive an assortment made from Tula Pink Brights.

For the "Magic Binding Frames" Coasters - Approximately 20 strips are needed for a set of 4 coasters.   

Magic Binding Frames Project is found here (a new window will open):

If you have not logged in to the "learn" section of our site before, you will be asked to make a new log in for the "learn section".   

For Mug Rugs, Potholders, and the Scrapbuster Mug Jacket, more would be needed.  We will fill in details on those requirements soon. 

This is a courtesy item - so nobody gets left out of being able to make an item with this funky look.   

Note:  Order the quantity of strips that you want.  We will mix up a yummy assortment of colors for you to create your own magic.