Hold My Spot-October 8-11, 2020 - Gainesville, Florida

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Hey!   Thanks for entertaining the idea of joining us! 

This will be our 8th retreat at this location - and every one gets better than the last!    The staff at SLARS works hard to make sure we keep our retreats reasonable in price.   To do that, we have a system that has proven to work very well...    

Hold My Spot! This item is $49.50 and must be purchased by all attendees.  This is the first part of your total cost for the event. 

This is the item that allows us to accurately get a body count for this event without requiring a 50% down deposit, etc.

The list of buyers of this item creates the official list / waiting list of attendees for this event.  

Please purchase this item *first* as soon as you can. First come are first served.. based on the availability of this item.

Refund policy for this item: 100% refundable if you change your mind (and give up your place in line) at least four months before the event, (midnight mountain time June 7th).  Not refundable after you have made any payment towards your “Full Weekend Package” item.  At least a 50% payment towards your full retreat package (see #2) must be made before two months before the retreat -  (midnight mountain time August 7th) - or your spot may be forfeited if we have a waiting list.

The benefits of doing the HMS are:
• We don’t require a big deposit down far in advance of the event
• It is refundable – no questions asked. So if the time doesn’t work out for you, or the retreat fee winds up being out of your budget, it’s cool. The HMS is fully refundable up until deadline stated for specific event.
• This fee, when we first offer it, helps us to know what kind of interest we have in this venue… and a better guess of attendance we are going to be able to expect. This helps us when it comes time to sign contracts with the venues for the rooms, sewing room space, etc.

•  If you do not cancel by the HMS deadline, you are committed to the retreat and we have made arrangements/put contracts in place for you.   You are responsible for the retreat fee according to the cancellation schedule of your event.   The terms for each of our retreats may vary according to the venue.  Please read each one carefully - they may not be the same. 
The number of HMSs we have is very important to us – we base venue contracts on that number. 

•  NEW for 2020:   We are now adding a few extra spots to each retreat as a "waiting list".   If you reserve and you are on the "waiting list", we will contact you right away to let you know that fact.  🤓

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Legal yada yada yada: If you have any need to communicate with us regarding your reservation, it must be done through support@sewlikearockstar.com. No exceptions.  This page, and ONLY this page, is where all official information/details will be provided for this item. 

Terms of cancellation/refunding are listed with each item prior to purchase. Please review this often and read carefully before checking out.  Any important communication between Sew Like A Rock Star staff done outside of THIS PAGE or through the email address is not guaranteed to be accurate, nor honored. $20 cancellation fee applies to all refunds on retreats except the Hold My Spots as described.