OPTIONAL-LATE DEPARTURE-October 12, 2020 - Gainesville, Florida

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OPTIONAL Late Departure for Monday

Limited Availability  - Reserve this as soon as you can if you are wanting it! 

This is a courtesy extended to us by the kind folks at Luther Springs.

Stay on Sunday night and leave by 8AM on Monday morning. 

Be prepared to help clean up our sewing room a bit on Sunday night and possibly help rearrange furniture to help the next group come in.  

We may stay and sew on Sunday night.   We may be joined by an incoming group that is starting to get ready for their retreat to start on Monday. 

NO FOOD IS SERVED after Sunday Brunch. 

We usually either go out for BBQ on Sunday night - or have someone run for pizza.  

This courtesy is mainly extended to accomodate those that are flying - it's easier to leave on Monday than it is on Sunday.

COST:   $48 PER ROOM... so if you are rooming with someone, make sure only one of you buys this item.  Refund policies apply - including $20 charge for changes to this one. 

Be prepared to be TOTALLY OUT of your room by 8 AM so the staff can clean for the incoming group.