OPTIONAL-EARLY ARRIVAL-March 10, 2021 - Gainesville, Florida

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OPTIONAL Early Arrival for Wednesday, March 10th.

Limited Availability - Reserve this as soon as you can if you are wanting it! 

Come as early as 4PM on Wednesday. 

You might have to help set up the room (if it isn't set up for us at that time!) ... 

NO FOOD IS SERVED until noonish on Thursday.... 

So pack in whatever you want for dinner & Thursday breakfast... 

But get an extra relaxed evening of sewing in before most people arrive on Thursday.

COST:   $48 PER ROOM... so if you are rooming with someone, make sure only one of you buys this item.  Refund policies apply - including $20 charge for changes to this one. 

This is optional... if you don't want to arrive on Wednesday... hey... we'll see you the next day - on Thursday!