LIVE CLASS:  BONZA! Gear Bag VIPs: Log in to see your discount!
LIVE CLASS:  BONZA! Gear Bag VIPs: Log in to see your discount!

LIVE CLASS: BONZA! Gear Bag VIPs: Log in to see your discount!

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About This Project

~ 8 hour class ~

revised June, 2021  🤓

🤩  Just imagine going to your next class or retreat with this beauty!!!! 🤩

(Thank you, P.T. , for letting us show off your beautiful work!)

If you  have been a fan of our ever-popular Bionic Gear Bag (aka: BGB) , you're going to ❤️ LOVE ❤️ our new BONZA!

As you can see, this one is loaded with features to make it a pleasure to organize all of your sewing tools! 

•  Our exclusive fold out "tray" in front (a Sally original - first used in the Bionic Gear Bag in 2014) keeps your loose items rounded up and prevents them from rolling off the table while you work.   Have you ever been to a class where you're crammed in like sardines and you drop something?  🙄  Well... no more playing yoga-pose-"downward dog" and having to retrieve your dropped items! 

•  A perfectly sized "sling" to hold and protect your precious shears

•  A reinforced section that stands tall with elastic bands to hold your commonly used hand tools upright and easily accessible.

•  A large open section to hold your larger items such as your Dumpling Dish, a magnetic pin dish, Rotary Cutter, etc.

•  Create up to 5 zippered pockets to securely hold some of your smaller items.  All sections of this bag may be made by either using zipper pockets or firm dividers to separate the sections.

•  The use of 6 premium steel rods form a sharp bag that will never get saggy!

This bag was made by dozens of happy retreaters prior to it's official copyrighted pattern in June of 2019.  See our Show & Tell section of this page for some eye candy! 

FYI:  We now use our Staycations as a place to give Early Birds first shot at our patterns - well in advance of them being used in any classes or sold as a pattern.  Check our Events Calendar ~and~ our Staycations catalog listing for the schedule. 

The BONZA! was created to accommodate the Dumpling Dish, Needle Wallet & Scrap Bin Accessory perfectly.   All done with a cleverly reinforced unique construction to keep it's sharp shape.

- - - - - - - - 



Approximately 10" wide x 6" deep x 6.25" tall

Open footprint: 

Approximately 10" wide x 11" deep (front to back) x 6.25" tall

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Full PDF Included!

Once you enroll....

A complete set of detailed instructions - loaded with photographs - is now available for this class!   

This is a PDF download.   

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Be sure to view the PDF and read the first few pages before printing - most people only print about 4 pages.  The rest can easily be enjoyed from a mobile device such as a laptop, an iPad or other tablet.


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Class Handout

 To get yours:
Once you check out, just go to your "My Download Library" (Link is on the top of the home page - you will only see it if you are logged in) .   

Your PDF for this class is there - it is named the same as this class. 

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 ❤️ Teachers & Shops ❤️ 

We welcome teachers & shops!   

Just write to and let us help you create a successful class with our projects!

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Class Times

 Choose what works for you from the dates available drop down above.

One Day class:  9 am to 2 pm Mountain Time
Two Mid Day class:  10 am - 3 pm  Mountain Time - with a little time for break
Two Evening class:  4 pm - 8 pm Mountain Time

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What to expect:

🌺  A great time! 

🌺  Enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable time - with other lovely people from all over the world!

🌺  No Stress!  Sew at your own pace - there is no race! 

🌺  Be comfy!    Minimum attire for the day - Jammies!   (we're serious)

🌺  Create the project with the Class Handout - immediately available upon enrollment in this class via a downloadable PDF   Now replaced by the full PDF!

Full PDF Pattern with photos and complete instructions IS available for this one - included in your enrollment.  ($17 value)

🌺   Automatic access to any future revisions, updates & modifications

🌺  Lifetime access to the recorded Mastery Workshop for this project ($77 value)

🌺  We're here for you! Additional live help via zoom is available almost every day! 

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Prep List 

For this project, ***if*** you want to attempt to get most of it done during the class, you should do the following prep work prior to class day: 

1.  All pieces cut
2.  Exterior - if you are being fancy schmancy or fussy cutting, etc - should be ready
3.  Exterior and side pieces interfaced per instructions
4.  Bindings prepped (pressed) and ready for use
5.  All notions gathered up (see list) 

Need help choosing your fabric layouts?  Our Thursday Happy Hours are a prefect time to jump in with us and there's always people in there that look forward to the chance to play with fabric choices!   Look at our Event Calendar page to get the link to jump right in! 

Please remember, the most important thing about the day is that you ENJOY yourself.  So if you're the kind of person that is totally cool with being 3 steps behind or you're just going to drink wine and watch it all happen.... lol... we're good with that.

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Materials & Tools

See back of PDF pattern

Show & Tell

...beautifully done by P.T.  🤩 part of a beautiful set made by C.M. ❤️

... more amazing attention to detail by P.T.  👍

... Tula Pink Zuma by P.T. 🥰

... notice freestanding lace zipper pull adornments by P.T.