Winner Bionic Gear Bag - Craftsy's membership and staff voted the Bionic Gear Bag #1 in sewing patterns.
We have fabulous camera gear that will bring you up close to see the details!  This makes it easy to see how to achieve craftsmanship in your work.  The bling on the foot?  What's that about?  lol... Sally had major dental work in 2016.  The night before her all-day surgery, she didn't want to take any anxiety meds.  So her "zen" thing to do was to decorate her sewing machine feet. 😁
Sally's sewing studio.  Her own collection of zippers on the wall and one of her favorite machines.
Summer of 2020.  We fired up our zoom cameras and rolled out Staycations - which have been a huge success.  We've been using zoom since 2017 - we now run 3 zoom rooms for our get togethers.
Bright colors!  Her studio is a pretty happy place.... including a troll doll that reminds her of some of the "small people" that have been trolling/harassing her for years.  Our community is so strong and happy, there's no amount of "small minded" people that could bring us down and keep us from doing what we do.

LIVE Class: Bionic Gear Bag (aka: BGB) LIMITED SEATING - Wed, April 14, COUPON CODE Eligible!

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 How many of you have this pattern laying around and you haven't gotten around to it - at least YET?   😁   

Whether you've made 20 of these, or you haven't overcome your fear of sewing your first zipper (there really is nothing to it!) , this class is going to be fun and worthwhile to attend! 



🌺  One class day (or 2 evenings) - check Calendar for your options
🌺  Lifetime access to PDF Pattern & any revisions, updates & modifications
🌺  Lifetime access to the recorded Mastery Workshop for this project ($77 value)
🌺  Additional live help is available almost every day!   See Calendar

Times?   See Calendar - which may adjust for your time zone.
Usually -  One Day: 9a-6p .. or.. Two Day: 4-8p mountain time

Now, about the class... 

🌺  You just need to be familiar with your machine and not afraid of it.  lol
On that note, someone needs to get the woman below to one of our classes.. lol...

She seriously needs some help! 

If you haven't been to one of Sally's live, online classes, you're in for a treat! 

Come as you are!  Spend the day in your jammies if you'd like! 

We'll get you turned around in your sewing.  lol  

All kidding aside,
We want you to have fun,
get a day of enjoyment for YOU,
and learn along the way. 
Sally teaches craftsmanship.   
She is very good at teaching the right tools to use to get great results easily.   

❤️ We want you to really love your finished project.❤️

Our goal is for you to have fun all day...
and have you learn many tips and tricks along the way.

She has an extremely wonderful camera system - you'll be able to see everything done clearly and up close.

You are able to ask questions all day.  

She tries to keep the project moving in her classes -
but don't feel stressed or overwhelmed to work at the same pace. 
(Plus - have you ever heard Sally say she is the Slowest Sewist in the West?  lol)   
She does her work with craftsmanship - and that usually isn't the speediest process. 

You will have the videos in the Mastery Workshop to help you out on your own time, too, remember. 

Besides the class, you are always welcome to attend any of her other FREE opportunities to get help.  Just check the Calendar for times.
_ _ _

Once you get into making these, you might find a real appreciation for some of the fabric design lines that you might have stashed!  We love Pam T's bags - she always finds ways of using design collections in fun ways: 

 I love making these bags. It is a lot more fun than it is 'hard'. 

Sally's patterns and videos are great and they have great tech support too. It is challenging but that is part of the joy in succeeding.

I mean anyone can make an easy drawstring bag but where is the joy in that...? This one challenges you to do your best and rewards you with a beautiful bag.

This one is my fav of the 20+ BGBs I've made. I say go for it... forget about the guts, use your favorite fabrics and get started on this wonderful adventure!!💖 "   - Pam T.

❤️ Thank you to Pam T. for allowing the use of your pictures! ❤️
We love your gorgeous work.

_ _ _

Also, our famous Staycations are another great opportunity to sew more, have fun more, and learn more!   
While each Staycation has a project that is the focus for that event, you are welcome to work on any Rock Star project - and get help if you need it.

For this class.... 

We've put together a grouping of products commonly used - see list HERE

We strongly suggest you come with your parts cut and interfaced. 

Need help choosing fabrics?  Thursday Happy Hours are good for that!

But more than anything, come to have fun and learn along the way. 

Requirements for zoom:  camera and mic on your internet device.  You will enjoy the class much more if you use a laptop or other real computer.  "REAL" computers offer more Zoom features than mobile devices.

Zoom login info will be in your school dashboard.

Got more questions????   Check the Calendar!   
Join in our daily zooms for help, or to just hang out and have fun.   
Or... the Thursday Happy Hours are there for questions or concerns.   
Just hop on zoom!

Our  community zoom # 720 628 0542   We start most days at 8 AM mountain time - and it goes as long as there are people around! (Much of the time, into the night!)
Sally is usually on from 8-10 AM  if she isn't live with a class. 
Just fire up Zoom on your device and join the number above.
You're always welcome!  Come as you are!  (we do!)

🥰 🥰 🥰 Our focus is about our people! 🥰 🥰 🥰 
 🥰  Sewing is just the "excuse" that brings us all together. 🥰 
🥰  We are very humbled, yet proud of the good that happens here.  🥰 


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We look forward to serving you.... ❤️

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