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Hey gang..... 

BIG TIP:  This calendar shows the current month plus the next two months.
You will find MORE dates for your desired event if you click on the details for that event and then use the drop down for dates available for that item.

Limited seats available for most events - so register early!

VIPs now get automatic discount of 50% - 80% off on most live events! 

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🌺 Thanks for bein' with us!  🌺

-Sally and her Rock Star Team

PS... join our Mighty Network if you haven't done so already - it's what we use to send out our official notices.  And... it's the place to have fun with each other.  No censoring!   https://sew-like-a-rock-star.mn.co/

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About the time zones....

Sally lives in Denver, Colorado, USA.
So she's in the Mountain Time Zone.
The Rock Star / sewing.school standard is Mountain Time Zone.
That said... Our calendar seems to adjust for your own time zone.
BUT... we obviously are not in control of your settings.  🤓
Important...  We want to avoid confusion on this for class day.
So...  Just check the calendar & description of the class
to make sure it reconciles with where you are located.