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Are you new to us?   Let's give you an idea of the treat we have in store for you!

🌺 Ain't no silly little virus gonna keep us from having fun!

🌺  Don't be a lab rat (or hang out with them - yet anyway!) - stay healthy, and enjoy some interactive social time that's 100% safe!  

🌺 We've been using zoom to get together since 2017!

🌼 🌼 🌼  VIPs - Yearly folks: you get 50% off, Golden Lifers, you get 80% off.  
🌼 🌼 🌼  NEW!  NO COUPON CODE NEEED for VIPs... Just go check out! 
🌼 🌼 🌼  This is a new system - if you have problems, use our "Need Help?" at the bottom of this page BEFORE CHECKING OUT!   

🌺  Think about it... no packing up to go for the day, you are able to dress to be comfy, and it's all about you enjoying your day! 

🌺  Our EIGHT camera, THREE ZOOM ROOM system  gives you the benefit of seeing what Sally does create items with craftsmanship.

Come and learn... watch Sally at her sewing table, while you're also with other attendees from all over the world in your zoom sewing "room".  All from the comfort of your own sewing room!  

🌺  All are interactive!
Enjoy face to face, real time conversations (and laughter) with an amazing group of people!

🌺 Whether you come to learn, or have fun, or just have like-minded friends - we're here for you.

🌺  We're mighty proud of the wonderful groups of sewists that come together from all around the globe!  When was the last time you sewed with someone that got up at 3 AM Australia time to be in the group? 🥰

🌺  We strive to make sure everyone has a great time!

🌺  Choose from the classes below... but be sure to also check out Our Famous Staycations!  We have different types of events - sure to suit your sewing goals and enjoyment.

Classes are somewhat structured with the goal of having you be able to learn & complete the project.   BUT... don't worry if you don't get done!  🤓  We offer weekly "open shop" zooms almost every morning - been doing this for years!

The most important thing is that you are enjoying your time with us - whether that means you want to bang out your project - or you just want to enjoy your day.  ❤️

Also, you might really enjoy the casual fun we have at our Staycations - you'll have a great time, undoubtedly learn lots from the entire group, get help if you need it... and it's all done in a way that you get to enjoy the time your way.   Check the Staycations category in the catalog, or the Event Calendar on this site for the next upcoming opportunities to get together with Sally, her team and others from around the world!

Check our Event Calendar page for other times to connect up with us.

You'll find that Sally and her team supports your work with our projects with personal attention better than anyone!

❤️  We truly love our members.  We are here to serve, and bring enjoyment to you. ❤️

For account type issues, remember that we have an awesome support system for you!!!!     Just go to "Need Help" to find the best way that we can help you get fixed up.

We look forward to having you join us!