Sallys De-Stash - Coming SOON-SOON

I'm expecting this to be ready by the 22nd or so.
We still have some work to do on the shipping algorithms, and weigh out another few hundred pounds of fabric.  :) 

VIPs!  Use your 60% off exclusive VIP discount for all items in this collection!

As we do as much as possible, Rock Star VIPs get first crack at limited supply things and the lowest prices before full release to everyone.

Our way to do this is to send a notification out (via our Mighty Networks) to the VIP group there - letting them know we have some new stuff being released.

If you are a VIP, you must get the current codes in your group there - it is the only place it is published.   Everyone can join MN as a free member, but some of the groups are limited to special members or those enrolled in exclusive events.

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The fabric prices may seem a bit high, but by doing it this way, the VIPs are getting a great deal and the prices (without a discount) are a little intentionally prohibitive.   

Fabric prices you see were set by weight.  As a guideline, a yard of fabric weighs about 5-6 ounces - sometimes depending on if Sally has already removed the selvedges. (She is a junkie for those - she calls it the prime of the steak 😁)   

Unless specified otherwise, all fabrics are quilting store quality cottons. 

These come directly from Sally's Studio.  Always smoke-free.
Full disclosure:  She does run an essential oil diffuser some days to make it a happier place to work.  😊

The fabrics spend most of their life in her studio in either plastic bins or open wire drawers in her studio.

Sally has two long hair dachshunds that spend most of their day hanging out near her desk in their wire crate.     You will not receive fabrics loaded with dog hair.... but....    If you get bent out of shape finding a rogue hair or two.... or if you are highly sensitive to dogs, we may not be the place to buy. 

The pic above is Bella - a little "stoned" from getting her teeth cleaned the day this photo was taken.  She weighs in at a whopping 7 pounds.  Awesome little dog!

Please see our SHIPPING POLICY HERE.  <----link not hooked up yet

 back to work.... but stay tuned